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Principles of practice cards updated to celebrate 20 Years of Enhancement

Date: March 15 - 2023

 QAA Scotland is delighted to share that the ‘Responding to student voice: Principles of practice’ cards are the latest resources to receive updates to support their use across a tertiary education system.

The cards were originally developed as part of the ‘Responding to Student Voice’ project within the ‘Evidence for Enhancement’ Theme in 2018 and have remained popular resources for planning and discussion.

The cards are intended to provoke discussion and reflection and to be useful in review exercises at any scale at any time among any students and staff who want to enhance the way they respond to student feedback.

To celebrate 20 Years of Enhancement, QAA Scotland has reviewed and updated the cards so that they reflect contemporary challenges and can continue to support staff and students effectively. The revised Principals of Practice cards together with guidance and supporting information can be found on the project webpage.