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Student transitions resources reviewed and updated to celebrate 20 Years of Enhancement

Date: January 9 - 2023

The Transition Skills and Strategies resources are among the most popular resources that the Enhancement Themes have produced. QAA Scotland is excited to share that these resources have, as part of our 20 Years of Enhancement campaign, been updated to support use across a tertiary education system.

These resources are a suite of free, ready-to-use and customisable resources for staff and students, organised according to skill. Published as part of the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme in 2015, the resources were developed as a result of research into key transition points in the learner journey and the identification of the skills that could be used to support those transitions.

To celebrate 20 Years of Enhancement, QAA Scotland has reviewed each of the resources and updated them to reflect our contemporary challenges and the importance of these skills in a tertiary learning environment. The revised resources will continue to support students, and the staff who support them, to develop skills to navigate transition points in the learner journey.