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The Anti-Racist Curriculum Project: New resources published

Date: October 19 - 2022

'These structures of racial inequity, they’re living machines ... they’re alive, they’re active, and they’re always evolving to self-regulate and continue subjugating, marginalising, disenfranchising people.'
Dr Peggy Brunache

In 2020, all of Scotland’s colleges and universities committed to the following declaration:

‘Racism exists on our campuses and in our society. Call it what it is and reject it in all its forms. We stand united against racism.’

Building on this sector-wide commitment, QAA Scotland and Advance HE are working together with the tertiary sector to develop and curate resources, learn from current practice, and recognise effective practice in Scotland and beyond. The project also has support from sparqs (Student Partnerships in Quality Scotland) and the College Development Network.

In session 2022, QAA Scotland held a series of subject-specific workshops, and commissioned Edinburgh Napier University to build on the work of the successful Decolonising the Curriculum in the Time of Pandemic collaborative cluster that ran in session 2020-21.

We are pleased to announce that the following resources have now been published:

  • a blog post in which each of our three facilitators offers three key points from their workshop
  • a podcast capturing a conversation between the workshop facilitators, in which they discuss how they approached this work and what needs to happen next
  • a transcript of the facilitators' podcast
  • a list of resources recommended by the workshop facilitators, organised by broad subject area
  • an evaluative report from Edinburgh Napier University that captures reflections on discussions held by a network of academic developers, as well as the work of the project’s student interns
  • 20 podcasts that capture the voices of students and from a range of institutions and subject areas, and with a range of lived experience
  • four illustrations intended to be used to stimulate discussion, each accompanied by a short description and prompt.

This project will continue in session 2022-23. If you would like to be involved, please email