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Strengthening Resilience, Supporting Learning Communities

Building on the work of the previous Evidence for Enhancement Theme collaborative cluster, this new project aims to deepen community and collaboration between programme leaders across the Scottish higher education sector and beyond.


Through a series of online workshops, it will facilitate the sharing and development of everyday practice, shaping of institutional practice, and the reframing of sector debate around the role of programme teams and programme leadership as agents of enhancement and change.



As part of this project, we have launched a dedicated Programme Leadership webinar series. Details of events and any associated outputs are as follows:

An Introduction to the Work of the Collaborative Cluster


The first event in our Programme Leadership (PL) webinar series took place on 18 January 2021. This session introduced the work of the Programme Leadership Collaborative Cluster, highlighting existing resources and support, and outlining how the Action Learnings Sets can be used to support personal development in the PL role.

Thriving in the Winds of Change: Programme Leading across the Globe

Programme Leading is becoming a role prized for its opportunity to exercise academic agency and is increasingly understood as integral to career progression. In this webinar, which was held on 28 January, we explored a suite of successful initiatives that support the practice and enhance the academic standing of programme leaders from universities across the globe. It considered what actions really make a difference for individuals, the programmes they lead and the students they support.

Led by Dr Jenny Lawrence (University of Hull), the session provided an opportunity for delegates to sharing practice and challenge the programme leaders to consider the pragmatic and practical steps they could take to seed cultural change in their specific institutional contexts.

The webinar recording is now available along with a sketchnote (click on the image to view this at full size). 

Webinar recording

Webinar sketchnote

Programme Leadership: Exploring Recognition, Reward and Resilience

On 18 February, Dr Andrea Webb (University of British Columbia) led this session and explored how educational leadership is understood within institutions and how it is supported and recognised in promotion and reward processes. It offered an opportunity to consider how programme leaders understand and frame the extrinsic and intrinsic value of their role as academic leaders. Participants were encouraged to exercise their own agency to make the most of the possibilities that a programme leadership role can open. A particular focus throughout the session was on the scholarship of learning, teaching and educational leadership as a source value, motivation and reward.

The webinar recording is now available along with a sketchnote (click on the image to view this at full size). 

Webinar recording

Webinar sketchnote