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An exploration within the Principal Fellows Network

Project Overview

Facilitated by the Principal Fellows Network Scotland, this collaborative cluster project will represent a variety of disciplines across most higher education institutions in Scotland. Using the Evidencing Value Framework (EVF), which was developed as part of the previous Enhancement Theme, the project aims to explore the construct of ‘resilience’ as an intangible asset, with potential value to the Scottish sector in revealing its influence on the creation of successful groups or communities that can lead and effect change in the higher education context. In responding to the current pandemic, ‘resilience’ may be a more appropriate and timely focus than one based on ideas of ‘excellence’.

Watch our introductory video to find out more about this collaborative cluster

Blog series

As part of this collaborative cluster the project contributors will be writing a series of blogs. You can read the blog posts at the links below.

Blog one: Resilient Academic Leadership Insight

Blog two: Everything different, everything the same

Blog three: Places, Spaces and Resilient Academic Leadership

Blog four: Resilient Academic Leadership Insights - Paradoxes and Professional Generosity

Blog five: Resilient Academic Leadership – Folks made of the right metal, the Go To People