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The Enhancement Themes are led by the Scottish Higher Education Enhancement Committee (SHEEC). The Theme Leadership Team (TLT) is tasked with directing the work of the Theme and leading the wider Theme Leadership Group (TLG), which boasts staff and student representatives from all 19 higher education institutions in Scotland. QAA Scotland provides support for the Enhancement Themes.


The Scottish Higher Education Enhancement Committee (SHEEC) ensures that higher education in Scotland continues to be considered as being at the forefront of developing and enhancing the student learning experience and student success.

Every Scottish institution has a representative on the committee, who are senior colleagues from across the sector with institutional responsibility for learning and teaching. They have a key role in supporting the embedding of effective enhancement-led approaches to managing quality in their higher education institutions. There are also four student members and observers from our partner organisations on the Committee.

Trends in leadership of quality enhancement in the Scottish university sector: Summary report

Publication date: 04 Dec 2019

In 2019, SHEEC commissioned a project to identify the effects of different models and approaches to academic leadership of enhancement to inform SHEEC’s oversight of enhancement activity at the sector level. QAA and the sector have, in turn, used this information to ensure we are working in a way that is most likely to gain maximum benefit for the sector as a whole. The summary report opposite includes details of this project. For anyone who wishes to find out more a full report is also available.

Theme Leadership Team AND Theme Leaders' Group

Each Enhancement Theme is led by a small team of representatives including a Theme Leader, Deputy Leader, Student Leader and Lead Representative from QAA Scotland. The Theme Leadership Team (TLT) is tasked with directing the work of the Theme and leading the wider Theme Leadership Group (TLG).

The Theme Leaders' Group (TLG) is central to delivering the Enhancement Themes. The group determines, supports and evaluates the work undertaken for each Theme. Every Scottish higher education institution is represented on the TLG by a member of staff and a student. The TLG staff member leads their institution’s work on the Theme, working with their Institutional Team. Institutional Teams typically comprise a mix of academic staff, professional services staff and students. Representatives from our key Quality Enhancement Framework partners also attend TLG meetings.

Evaluating the Enhancement Themes

Academic year 2022-23 marks 20 years of the Scottish Quality Enhancement Framework and our enhancement-led approach to the management of quality, learning and teaching and the wider student experience. We are using this milestone to undertake a deep and wide-ranging evaluation of one of its five key elements - the Enhancement Themes.