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Project overview

Retention and progression continues to be a priority across the sector and our sector-wide project supported work in this area.

One of our projects explored interventions and approaches aimed at improving student retention and progression. We produced a short booklet that draws on the findings of the main report and presents a set of key questions that institutions might find helpful in reviewing strategy, policy and practice on retention and progression activity.

Sector-wide activity


Using evidence to explore retention and progression: Key discussion topics

Publication date: 09 Apr 2019

Top tips for engaging with data in annual monitoring

You may also be interested in another Themes project that investigates Scottish HEIs’ policies and practices in using data in their annual monitoring processes. This project was carried out with a particular emphasis on retention and progression data. With over 30 examples of practice to explore, and a project report, our top tips on annual monitoring reporting resources will be of value to a range of stakeholders.