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Project Overview

Student mental wellbeing - creating inclusive curricula and learning environments was a collaborative cluster project. The project aimed to develop the processes and tools that academic staff use to design curricula to help staff create teaching and learning environments that are inclusive and promote student mental wellbeing. The cluster was led by Glasgow Caledonian University in collaboration with Heriot-Watt University, University of Stirling and sparqs. The project achieved its aims through delivering a series of professional development activities both in-person and online and focused on different aspects of practice and wellbeing including student partnership and co-creation and assessment.

Collaborative cluster

Project outputs

The project report provides more detail on the cluster work and the flyer is a great way to gain a snapshot of some important aspects of practice raised across the professional development activities.


Student mental wellbeing and the curriculum

Publication date: 14 Dec 2020

Designing curricula to support students' mental wellbeing

Publication date: 14 Dec 2020

professional development activity

Compassionate assessment post-Covid-19: improving assessment long-term

On 17 September 2020, Professor Sally Brown completed our webinar series on by encouraging us to think deeply about assessment practices: - recognising the factors that make assessment a high stress activity (for students and staff) - in the longer term, using to our advantage the swift and considerable changes that have been implemented as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic - offering a range of tips in re-thinking assessment practices so they are authentic, inclusive, rely more on reflection on practice and make more use of asynchronous methods - sharing a number of examples from different subject areas.

Curriculum Co-Creation and its Potential for Transforming Student Wellbeing

A webinar event was held on 1 September 2020 and featured Dr Tanya Lubicz-Nawrocka, University of Edinburgh, who presented her research on students as partners and curriculum co-creation. Tanya describes current principles and understandings of curriculum co-creation, drawing from her research that focuses on how curriculum co-creation and how this can enhance students' higher education experience.

Student mental wellbeing and teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic

A webinar event was held on 21 May 2020, which featured a presentation from Gareth Hughes, Psychotherapist and Research Lead for Student Wellbeing at the University of Derby. A Wakelet captures the key points from the session.

Student mental wellbeing: Creating inclusive curricula and learning environments

An in-person event was held on 23 January 2020, which featured presentations and interactive workshops. A Wakelet captures the highlights of the day.

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