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Resilient Learning Communities is the 2020-23 sector-wide Enhancement Theme. This Theme is focused on meeting the changing needs and values of an increasingly diverse student community and a rapidly changing external environment.

Resilient Learning Communities is led by a small Theme Leadership Team, who direct the work of the Theme and the wider Theme Leadership Group (TLG), and is supported by a dedicated team of colleagues from QAA Scotland.

Find out more about the team behind the Theme and their aspirations for this sector-wide work.

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The Resilient Learning Communities Enhancement Theme intends to answer the following questions:

  • What will our learning communities look like by 2023? And what can we do now to prepare for them?
  • Who are our current and future students and how will they want to learn? How can we gain a clear understanding of their needs? What information do we need to enable us to best support their learning?
  • How can we capitalise as a sector on the attributes students bring?
  • How do we ensure we are able to support our diverse learning communities? What might this mean for our staff and our infrastructure?
  • How should we anticipate, influence and respond to the changing external environment? How can we engage with our stakeholders and ensure we are influencing strategy and policy both in Scotland and beyond?

In answering these key questions, the Theme will focus on four priority areas: equality and diversity; community and belonging; supporting staff and student success; and flexible, accessible learning.

Projects by Activity

Supported by QAA Scotland, staff and students from all 19 Scottish higher education institutions deliver on individual institutional plans, as well as collaborative projects, and contribute significantly to work across the sector. Find out more about the work of the Theme:

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