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The Enhancement Themes are a programme of activity involving the whole higher education sector in Scotland. Staff and students collaborate on one or more topics to improve strategy, policy and practice.

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Transition skills and strategies resources

Date: June 24 - 2019

Students experience many transitions during their time in higher education. As part of the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme (2014-17), we commissioned a project to explore the skills and strategies that a student might develop and use during a transition, or period of change. The aim of the project was to gain a deeper understanding of these skills and strategies, and to develop practical tools for students and staff.

The project resulted in five reports and 22 supporting resources. These include student leaflets, activities for students to work on individually, and activities for students to work on in groups.

We have recently refreshed these resources and have grouped them by purpose and skill type. Most of these files are in Word or PowerPoint format, allowing you to customise them.

View the Transitions Skills and Strategies resources

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