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Day one recordings and resources

QAA Scotland would like to thank all of the contributors and delegates who participated in ‘Learning from disruption: exploring what counts in higher education’. The following resources were either curated from existing Enhancement Theme projects or developed as part of this event and should be used to reflect on four areas of focus of the event: institutional policy and strategy, student voice and engagement, student and staff wellbeing, communities of learners.

Universities in the 21st century – purpose in a changing world

Keynote presentation

Universities in the 21st century – purpose in a changing world

Professor Mary Stuart, CBE, Vice Chancellor, University of Lincoln

Over the last 3 years the 21st Century Lab has been working with colleagues from around the world exploring the purpose of Universities in the 21st century. This session will explore some of the findings and pose some questions for our sector to explore in our changing society.


  • How do we prepare students for uncertainty and risky futures?
  • How do we respond to information, fake news and the speed of communications with truly thoughtful knowledge?
  • How will a world that has finally woken up to the reality of pandemics and the climate emergency face up to these challenges and prepare for other equally knotty issues and what is the University's role in supporting this?
  • How do we work with our students to create a better world?

Toolkit for reflecting on impact

A toolkit for the creative arts disciplines, which supports critical conversations regarding the nature of the disciplines and what creative arts higher education has to offer socially, culturally and economically. This toolkit may be of wider interest at a time when the delivery of higher education across all subject areas is being re-imagined. Background information on the project that created the toolkit is also available on the project page.

Evidencing the intangible aspects of the student experience

The ‘Intangibles’ workbook is a novel approach to considering assets that are not easily counted, yet are fundamental to the value we place on learning and teaching, and student success.

Learning from disruption: exploring the impact of the rapid move online for longer term pedagogy and enhancement of the student experience

Panel discussion

Learning from disruption: exploring the impact of the rapid move online for longer term pedagogy and enhancement of the student experience

Dr Ailsa Crum (QAA), Professor Tom Crick (Swansea University), Helyn Gould (University of Strathclyde), Professor Clare Peddie (University of St Andrews), and Professor Richard Watermeyer (University of Bristol)

Using evidence to explore retention and progression

The key areas for discussion booklet supports staff and students working to enhance student retention and progression practices. Three key areas stimulate discussion in a systematic way: consideration of supporting and coordinating structures and process; identifying different types of evidence and their use; and examining how the first two areas influence practice in learning and teaching.

Student and staff guides to using evidence in higher education

The guides will support you to use evidence in robust, rigorous and practical ways. From making local changes in response to student feedback, to developing new institutional strategies, these resources will support staff and student ambitions.

How can the resource help you?

This resource has been adapted to support online use. The editable version of the planner enables staff and students to amend the planner to reflect the timespan of their projects/academic calendar and to type planning notes directly into the document.

Working with data and evidence planner (editable)

Publication date: 02 Jun 2020

Widening participation with lecture recording

Recordings and associated resources from two open workshops and a webinar will support your use of lecture recording.

Asynchronous resources

How fair is the framework for fair access? Exploring what evidence counts in policy and practice

Publication date: 02 Jun 2020

Review of ’10 simple rules for a temporary online pivot for higher education’

Jill MacKay (University of Edinburgh)

When and what are nursing students accessing? Reading and resources lists

Publication date: 02 Jun 2020

SOTL – So What? Where’s the Evidence of Impact? ATLEF, a case study

Andrea Cameron and Julie Blackwell-Young (Abertay University)