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The Enhancement Themes are a programme of activity involving the whole higher education sector in Scotland. Staff and students collaborate on one or more topics to improve strategy, policy and practice.

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Explore our year two collaborative clusters activity

Date: July 30 - 2019

Visit the cluster web pages to explore the range of exciting, varied and innovative projects that institutions have been working on.

Distance and sense of belonging

Are you working with distance learning students? Do you want to create a greater sense of belonging in your student community? Have a look at our online toolkit designed to help you make informed decisions about the type of interventions that might most benefit your students.

Enhancing programme leadership

Are you a programme/course leader? Are you seeking ways to better understand and exploit the use of data and evidence in your role to enhance student learning? Dive into our think pieces, which provide insight in linking evidence with practical pedagogic action for enhancement.

Learning analytics - policy and practice

Are you involved in implementing, or currently using, learning analytics to help support your students? Do you want to know more about Scottish institutions’ learning analytics policy and practice? Find out more by visiting our STELAR (Scottish Higher Education Learning Analytics Resource) wiki.

The creative disciplines

Do you teach in a creative discipline? How do your students navigate their learning journey, and how can you support them? How might you evidence impact? Our cluster resources explore these questions and more.

Send us your feedback

We would love to hear about how you are using the cluster resources. Which resources are you using? How it is making a difference to your practice and to the student experience? Share your thoughts with us! Send us an email to

Latest events

Views from the kitchen table: sharing practice in supporting students

October 21 - 2020


Building Resilient Learning Communities: Using Evidence to Support Student Success

November 3 to November 5 - 2020



Theme evaluation and impact

Find out more on our activity to evaluate the impact of the Enhancement Theme.

Scottish Higher Education Student Transitions Map

Browse a large collection of resources, relating to the way students enter, move through, and leave university.

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