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We work with students and staff from across the Scottish higher education sector to deliver student-led projects as part of each Enhancement Theme. During the current Resilient Learning Communities Theme, QAA Scotland will work in partnership with Student Partnerships in Quality Scotland (sparqs) to support this activity. Drawing on the expertise of a student-led Steering Group, which has both students’ association officers and staff representatives, strands of work will be identified each year which reflect key priorities for students and support the delivery of the Enhancement Theme. Each project will develop policy, practice, resources and networks around common issues and areas of interest.

This year's project will explore issues and themes relevant to how higher education institutions and students’ associations have recreated student communities in an online environment, and what enablers and barriers this has created. A sharing practice event is being planned for late spring/early summer which will provide students and sector colleagues with the opportunity to share practices on a range of topics including: practices student groups have developed to sustain student activity, such as clubs and societies; how course rep and lead reps have come together in online spaces; and how institutions and associations have worked in partnership to support student engagement in student/staff committees.